Name: Bernardas Zakaras

  • Instruments: Drums, bass guitar
  • Experience: Since 2013 he has been playing in rock bands, recording songs and touring in Europe.
  • Describe yourself: Long live Rock’n’roll!

1. Tell us how and when did you realize you’re inclined to music?

As a child, I discovered my dad’s collection of rock and metal music, and I immediately realized that I will never be different from him.

2. Did your parents support your choice, or have you had difficulty moving toward your dream?

Of course – my parents had doubts,but when they saw my passion for music they took me to Eduardo Balsio Art Gymnasium, there I began my musical journey.

3. What genre of music do you prefer?

I played everything in my career, but my heart has always been into hard music.

4. How do you see your future related to music? Do you want to learn something new, maybe you have new ideas?

Music is a tool for self-knowledge and knowledge of the world, so I continue to learn more and more to know myself better and I try to help others to find a way.

5. What would you advise a man who would like to test himself in the music sphere, but has not yet decided? How should I encourage yourself to try and help unfold your desire?

No matter how old you are or what you’re doing in life, don’t think too much, come, try and let the music do it’s miracles!