Name: Eduard Karachanov

  • Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar
  • Experience: Since 2010 I have taken the first steps in my musical career. I played in bands, developed individual projects, studied music in London. Also, I played with the band Alterpodes at London festivals such as “Camden rocks” and “All points east.”
  • Describe yourself: Motivation and initiative are the moto of my life.

1. Tell us how and when did you realized that you’re inclined to music?

Listening to my favorite performers, I always imagined that I was on stage, so it was only a matter of time when I would buy my first guitar. After testing myself on stage, I realized that the satisfaction and adrenaline I feel during play is some kind of magic. Since then, I didn’t split up with the music anymore.

2. Did your parents supported your choice, or have you had difficulties moving towards your dream?

My parents have always looked at my interest in music positively, and I think they understood that I was improving in music, not only as a musician but as an individual.

3. What genre of music do you prefer?

From my childhood, I remember myself as a “hardened rocker”, but over the years my taste has become diverse. I certainly do not forget “old school”, but at the same time I accept new musical trends and do not get away from innovation

4. How do you see your future related to music? Do you want to learn something new, maybe you have new ideas?

Music is like my shadow, no matter where I will be in life music all the time will be with me.

5. What would you advise a person who would like to test himself in the music sphere, but has not yet decided. How should I encourage yourself to try and help unfold your desire?

Close your eyes and take the first step! Under the lying stone, the water does not flow.