About us

Heyo! It’s nice to see you here. In 2014, we founded a music space where age is just a number and experience is just a color in your musical image. This is a place where melodies meet with excitement, and the rhythm catches you without revealing your plans.

You know, we have our own way of looking at things. We are equally fabulous, like your favorite movie, only this time in sound. Do you want to learn to understand the intricacies of the guitar, see how the keys sound magically, or just look at your vocals with new eyes? And don’t limit yourself to age or experience level. We have our own musical narrative, and I really believe that you will become a part of it. We open doors for everyone who wants not only to learn to play or sing, but also to discover themselves. It is a space where each contributing sound forms a special chord in the song of our community.

What we do is not just music lessons. We create a space where we communicate not only with instruments, but also with people. We encourage inspiration, discovery and musical expression.

So many songs are waiting for you to voice them with your own voice or surprise the world with the power of instruments. And no, it’s not just sounds — it’s your own creation that dances from ear to heart.

What are you waiting for? Step over the musical threshold right now and let us start the musical surprise bomb together! Have you heard about how the song starts to live from the tips of your fingers? So join us and change the rules of music together!