• Instruments: Keyboards (Piano, Synthesizer), Guitar
  • Experience: I play the piano from 6 years old, I play the guitar from 14 years old. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in musical theatre from Vilnius college. During my studies, I accompanied my colleagues in various projects and concerts. I write songs for musical performances.
  • Describe yourself: I am creative, hardworking and not afraid of new challenges. I love music madly and I am happy to have the opportunity to share that love with others.

1. Tell us how and when did you realize you’re inclined to music?

My grandmother bought a piano before I was born and predicted that when I grew up I would play it. Perhaps my musical journey began even then … at the age of 6, my parents sent me to a music school, where I studied until the age of 11. Not satisfied with the outdated discipline of learning music, I quit and did not mention music until the guitar fell into my hands. I was 14 years old then. I also found the joy of playing the piano. I realized that the main key to development is a sincere love for music and curiosity.

2. Did your parents support your choice, or have you had difficulties moving toward your dream?

My parents are dancers, music is a big part of their lives, so they were very supportive of my dreams and encouraged me to pursue them. For this I am extremely grateful to them.

3. What genre of music do you prefer?

Pop, rock, alternative, jazz rock, jazz, Hip Hop, Rap genre.

4. How do you see your future related to music? Do you want to learn something new, maybe you have new ideas?

I strive to become a successful sound producer, songwriter, composer. I want to write Lithuanian musicals. At the same time, I want to learn to sing and master other instruments.

5. What would you advise a man who would like to test himself in the music sphere, but has not yet decided. How should I encourage yourself to try and help unfold your desire?

The main thing is to get rid of fear of making mistakes and train disciplined. Then the goal, sooner or later, will be achieved. It is also important to bear in mind that learning music in every way helps the human brain, body and, to say the least, soul.