Name: Aurimas Martinkus

  • Instruments: Piano, guitar
  • Experience: A member of various music groups, performing live and recording songs of his own creation, is familiar with the most serious plays of classical music
  • Describe yourself: I am quite humble and calm, but I have a strong opinion and I can be stubborn when I want to achieve something

1. Tell us how and when did you realize you’re inclined to music?

Probably from the early days when Dad was playing rock bands such as “The Doors.”

2. Did your parents support your choice, or have you had difficulties moving toward your dream?

My parents inspired me and supported my choice, I did not experience very serious difficulties, on the other hand, nothing is achieved without effort.

3. What genre of music do you prefer?

Rock, though, sometimes likes both classical and jazz and electronics.

4. How do you see your future related to music? Do you want to learn something new, maybe you have new ideas?

I think the most interesting thing would be to record more of my creations, but any work directly related to music and having at least some freedom is enjoyable

5. What would you advise a man who would like to test himself in the music sphere, but has not yet decided. How should I encourage yourself to try and help unfold your desire?

I think you have to really love music if you want to link your life to it or at least devote a good part of your life. If you doubt about your love to music, there are many other great activities. For me, music is the best, but if you found something better, just do it 🙂