• Instruments: Keyboards (Piano, Synthesizer)
  • Experience: From the age of 7, I started playing piano, I graduated from the Academy of Music with a bachelor’s degree, often improvisation and engaged in music creation and production. I love both classical and genre music styles
  • Describe yourself: I am a music climber who is seeking to know as many styles as possible and analyze what makes them unique. I quickly ignite new ideas and try to turn every context into sound

1. Tell us how and when did you realize you’re inclined to music?

I remember being 10 years old and playing piano, I realized that I wanted to become a musician, so since then my heart and thoughts, every morning and evening, revolve around music and every new melody in my head settles on the piano keyboard.

2. Did your parents support your choice, or have you had difficulties moving toward your dream?

My parents have always supported my choice of music path and have often said that a person should do what he loves, because only then will he be happy in life, and there were various difficulties, such as the absence of genres of non-recognition of music or an instrument at home, which led me to spend hours in music school.

3. What genre of music do you prefer?

I’m looking for inspiration in many musical styles such as classical, jazz, edm, reggae, rock, blues, trance, techno, etc., so I wouldn’t give preference to any genre, because music is one big formation for me, where the idea inspires another idea and there’s a constant rotation to invent new music.

4. How do you see your future related to music? Do you want to learn something new, maybe you have new ideas?

I would like to share my music with the world, perform works live, spread a good emotion and give every listener the shivers that run through the body, and to learn I always want as much as possible and in music every time I discover something that inspires me. I have a desire to learn how to play guitar and drums in the future and to add new members to my existing arsenal of musical instruments.

5. What would you advise a man who would like to test himself in the music sphere, but has not yet decided. How should I encourage yourself to try and help unfold your desire?

I would advise you to choose music and take action here and now! Music in all cases of life will help a person to express himself and eliminate the routine at home, so do not leave a place for hesitation, grab an instrument and enjoy what the music has to offer you!